【2023】Travel Guide from Singapore to Johor Bahru!


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Start your exploration journey from Singapore to Johor Bahru right here! 100% tips are waiting for you to discover!

Johor Bahru, located at the southern tip of Malaysia and adjacent to Singapore, is often referred to as the "neighbor" of Singapore. In recent years, Johor Bahru has shown unprecedented growth, especially in the tourism sector.

There are numerous popular tourist and Instagram-worthy spots here! These include LEGOLAND MALAYSIA, Johor Premium Outlets, MID VALLEY SOUTHKEY - a favorite shopping destination for Singaporeans, and Moust Austin, a hotspot for young people. You'll find plenty of bubble tea shops, hotpot restaurants, and bars, among other options. 

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In every corner of Johor Bahru, there's a possibility of new discoveries and experiences awaiting you. For frequent visitors to Johor Bahru, you might already be familiar with certain modes of transportation, but let's take another look together – you might find something new!

For first-time visitors, don't forget to prepare these documents! 

Tips & Preparation


  1. Passport and Travel Documents

  • Please ensure that your passport is valid and has at least 6 months of validity remaining.
  • Carry and fill out the immigration card correctly to ensure a smooth entry process. Typically, immigration cards are distributed by staff when you enter by bus or train.
  • If a visa is required, make sure you have obtained a valid visa for entry into Malaysia. (Non-Singaporeans, please take note)

  1. Always keep an eye on schedules and timings.:

  • Especially at the Woodlands Causeway or the Second Link, transit can get very crowded, especially during peak hours. To avoid missing your transportation, it's advisable to arrive at the designated departure point well in advance.

  1. Equipment and Backup Items

  • Considering that there might be some waiting involved during transit, it is advisable to carry a bottle of water and some snacks.
  • Please make backups and securely store your important documents, such as your passport, tickets, booking confirmations, etc.

  1. currency

  • Considering the currency difference between the two areas, please make sure you have enough Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) with you for use, especially if you plan to shop or dine in Johor Bahru.

  1. Safety and Health

  • In crowded places, please keep your valuables such as your phone, wallet, and camera secure.
  • If you have medication that needs to be taken over an extended period, ensure that you carry it with you to address any potential emergencies.

  1. Transportation Arrangements:

  • If you choose to use a private car or charter service, it is recommended that you confirm the pick-up location and time with the driver or service provider.


The primary gateway from Singapore to Malaysia is.

  • Causeway
  • Second Link

1. The Woodlands Causeway: This is a major bridge connecting Singapore and Malaysia, linking Singapore's Woodlands to Johor Bahru, the capital of the state of Johor. You can choose to cross the causeway by bus, taxi, or drive yourself. When taking the bus, you'll need to disembark at the checkpoint for immigration clearance before transferring.

How to purchase tickets: Bus tickets to Johor Bahru are available at several Singaporean bus stations, such as Queen Street and Kranji MRT station. You can buy tickets on-site or make reservations through relevant online platforms



2.The Second Link: Located between Tuas in Singapore and Gelang Patah in Johor Bahru, this connecting route is relatively newer and not as busy as the Woodlands Causeway. It's a popular choice, especially for travelers looking to avoid the peak traffic at the Woodlands Causeway.

How to purchase tickets: If you choose to take a long-distance bus for transit, you can buy tickets at Singapore's Boon Lay or Jurong East MRT stations or make reservations through the official websites of various bus companies.

> Taking the Bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru: Ticket Purchase Guide


Apart from taking the bus, you can also opt for private car Transport services to take you from Singapore to Johor Bahru or explore other regions in Malaysia.

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Advantages of Private Car Transport Services

  • One-on-one service:No need to share with others, ensuring your privacy and comfort.
  • independent decision:You can choose the pick-up location according to your itinerary, such as famous places in Singapore such as Bugis Street or Queen Street.
  • Seamless transit:When crossing the border between Singapore and Malaysia, there is no need to get off the car to clear customs, saving you valuable time.
  • Flexible timing:Choose a suitable time and date according to your itinerary to ensure a smooth trip.

Possible considerations:

  • Costs:When the number of people is small, such as 1-3 people, the fee may be relatively high.

This service is particularly suitable for:

Family outings:Especially marked for families with children or the elderly.

Group outings: such as teams of 5-10 people or family gatherings.

Regarding the cost:

The price is approximately SGD 80 – 100 (one way).


Vehicle selection

  • Toyota InnovaA spacious 7-seater MPV, ensuring you a comfortable journey.
  • Toyota AlphardThe 8-seat luxury MPV provides you with a high-end travel experience.
  • Hyundai Starex10-seater MPV, suitable for large families or groups.


How to reserve a private car/taxi charter service:

You can also directly contact the customer service specialist through Whatsapp to make a reservation!

>Whatsapp our booking service 010-9583147<


Toptaxi Transport Service


Why choose our Transport service TOPTAXI SERVICE? 

  1. Professional Drivers: Toptaxi's drivers undergo rigorous training and screening to ensure they provide professional, safe, and friendly service to passengers.
  2. Transparent Pricing: When booking Toptaxi service, you can know the cost upfront, with no worries about additional or hidden charges.
  3. Comfortable Vehicles: Toptaxi vehicles are well-maintained and clean, ensuring passengers have the most comfortable travel experience.
  4. Simple Booking Process: Through the Toptaxi app or website, users can easily book a vehicle, choose a convenient time and location.
  5. Punctual Service: Toptaxi always ensures on-time service for passengers, whether it's for daily commutes or special occasions.
  6. Diverse Services: Whether it's short trips or long-distance cross-border journeys, Toptaxi can meet your needs.
  7. Customer Feedback: High customer satisfaction and positive user feedback attest to the quality of Toptaxi's service.
  8. Safety First: All Toptaxi vehicles are equipped with the latest safety equipment, and drivers regularly undergo safety training to ensure passenger safety.
  9. Transparency: Toptaxi believes in transparent communication with customers, and all costs, policies, and booking details are clear and easy to understand.


Regardless of which route you choose, it is strongly recommended that travelers prepare the necessary travel documents in advance, such as passports and immigration cards, to ensure a smooth transit process. Finally, here's wishing you a pleasant journey!